Bali Flow Temple has 9 fully furnished and light flooded bedrooms to accommodate up to 20 retreat guests.

3 large Bedrooms upstairs (7x6 m) with private open air bathroom, balcony with jungle view

2 large Bedrooms downstairs (7x6 m) with private open air bathroom with jungle view

2 medium Bedrooms downstairs (6x5 m) with shared bathroom outside

2 small single Bedrooms downstairs (4x4 m) with shared bathroom outside

1 small private Bungalow (4x4 m) with bathroom outside

The large rooms can easily accommodate 3 people, the medium ones 2-3 and the small ones are good for one person or one couple. There are one king size bed, 2 queens and the other 20 beds are all full sized, which is big enough for two people to sleep in comfortably.

  • All bathrooms include western style toilets and hot showers
  • All the rooms have electric vans
  • We provide bed sheets and towels
  • Laundry services available for additional charge
  • Additional beds can be organised if needed at a one time fee of $100 per bed. We have a lot of space to create dorm style accommodations

Bedroom upstairs with balcony